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Conscience Voting – J.Lee

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The democratic concept was born before Christ’s ministry on earth, in the time of the Greek civilisation. ‘Demos’ is the Greek for ‘the people’. The Greeks trusted their politicians even less than we do today. Thus the first political representatives were commissioned by their electors, and warned, that they would be beheaded if they failed to “represent” their people. In one State in Greece — Locria — any politician who wished to introduce a new law was required to stand in the forum with a rope round his neck. If the law was accepted, he was acclaimed. If it was rejected, he was strangled! Harsh though this may have been, it ensured that laws were kept to a minimum, and that those operating were widely approved.

The parliamentary representative in Britain originally followed the same principles. There were no political parties for hundreds of years. The politician for a long period in history gave his services voluntarily, like sections of Local Government today. Parliament met infrequently, and passed few laws. Members voted on conscience, and had ample opportunity to consult those whom they represented about any proposed legislation. They were thus respected as leaders imbued with the ideal of service, and the laws they passed made for a better society. As Christ taught: “Whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.” Thus, while mistakes were made, Christian civilisation flowered and expanded. The British parliamentary system became the model, which other nations attempted to copy. Surely it can be seen that faithful Christians were responsible for the gains made, JUST AS INACTIVE CHRISTIANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CURRENT RETREAT FROM CIVILISATION?

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