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Discriminate or be Damned
(J. Fairbanks Kerr)

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J. Fairbanks Kerr describes how many injustices and absurdities have resulted from anti-discrimination measures in U.K., U.S.A. and Australia. Why should you be forced to employ a person you don’t wont, why give a job to a less qualified person?

Veritas Books: Discriminate or be Damned J. Fairbanks Kerr


The author shows that anti-discrimination laws are so ill-conceived, that they even have an adverse effect on the very people they were intended to benefit and tells of the absurdities that have resulted from conflicting decisions when cases come before anti- discrimination tribunals. He describes how these are often so biased that the distinguished British judge, Lord Denning, said that their activities were such, that one might think that one was back in the days of the Inquisition.

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