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George Bush, Unauthorized Biography
(W.G.Tarpley, A.Chaitkin)

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The groundbreaking classic expose of the Bush Dynasty, exhaustively documented by intensive search of archives and months of interviews with government insiders, this biography digs up all the dirt – frightening, gory – on the Bush Dynasty.

Veritas Books: George Bush Unauthorized Biography W.G.Tarpley A.Chaitkin


Biography has its own inherent discipline: It must be concerned with the life of its protagonist, and cannot stray too far away. In no way has it been our intention to offer an account of American history during the lifetime of George Bush. The present study nevertheless reflects many aspects of that recent history of U.S. decline. It will be noted that Bush has succeeded in proportion as the country has failed, and that Bush's advancement has proceeded ‘pari passu’ with the degradation of the national stage upon which he has operated and which he has come to dominate. Our special duty is to illustrate the role played in the formation of George Bush as a personality by his maternal grandfather and uncle, George Herbert Walker and George Herbert Walker, Jr., and by George H.W. Bush's father, the late Senator Prescott Bush. In the course of this task, we must speak at length about the institution to which George Bush owes the most, the Wall Street International Investment bank of Brown Brothers Harriman, the political and financial powerhouse. For George Bush, Brown Brothers Harriman was and remains the family firm in the deepest sense. The formidable power of this bank and its ubiquitous network, wielded by Senator Prescott Bush up through the time of his death in 1972, and still active on George's behalf down to the present day, is the single most important key to every step of George's business, covert operations, and political career.

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