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Open Secrets, Israeli Nuclear And Foreign Policies
(I. Shahak)

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What the following pages do is to show a mind at work. And also a society at work - that is Israeli Jewish society that is so seldom scrutinized in the West. In official reports the mentality of the ruling order discloses itself.

Veritas Books: Open Secrets Israeli Nuclear And Foreign Policies I. Shahak


In this remarkable book, veteran scholar and human rights campaigner Israel Shahak exposes Israel's strategic foreign policy as it really is. Drawing solely on the Hebrew press, and working very much as an insider in the country, Shahak reveals that, what Israeli Jews are told about their country's foreign policy through the national media, is entirely inconsistent with what the Israeli government is telling the rest of the world. Shahak demonstrates that, with the support of the US Jewish lobby, Israel is conducting a covert policy of expansionism and aims to gain political control, not just of Palestine, but of virtually the entire Middle East.

'Shahak is a very brave man who should be honored for his services to humanity ... [He is] one of the most remarkable individuals in the contemporary Middle East.' Edward Said

Israel Shahak arrived in Palestine in 1945. He is a retired Professor of Organic Chemistry and a life-long human rights activist, writing on aspects of Judaism in Hebrew and English. He is the author of the highly acclaimed Jewish History, Jewish Religion (Pluto Press. 1994)

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