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9/11 Synthetic Terror,
Made in USA
(Webster G. Tarpley)

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On 9/11/2001, plotters embedded in the US government, working on a Project for a New American Century, faked the pretext for a Clash of Civilizations - and a neo-fascist world order. In earlier books, Webster G. Tarpley first uncovered the Bush family's key role in launching Hitler, and the fascistic “P2” lodge behind the false-flag Red Brigades terrorists. He is uniquely qualified to press the case against the perpetrators of 9/11.

Veritas Books: 911 Synthetic Terror Made in USA Webster G. Tarpley


2005 marked the fourth anniversary of 9/11 - and the 400th anniversary of state-sponsored false-flag terrorism or synthetic terror in the English - speaking world: Guy Fawkes Day. The “Gunpowder Plotters” remains a Myth since the 17th century. The patsies of the "popish" plot of Nov. 5, 1605 were: Guy Fawkes, the most infamous fall guy, also Percy, who was a double agent, instigating the plot for the royal chancellor Lord Cecil. Even now, few understand that plot: Guy was no fox but a dupe ensnared by the chief minister himself in a madcap scheme to blow up King and Parliament. The real plot was royally successful: to invent a pretext for war with Spain. This fraud was the foundation of the British Empire. In 1898, the American century was ushered in by a similar anti-Spanish hoax: the bombing of the USS Maine in Havana harbor.

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