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Biblical Insight Into ‘God’s Chosen People’
(Des Griffin)

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The spiritual insights revealed in this book are profound, in the truest spiritual sense of the word. If read, understood, acknowledged, proven true from the pages of God's Word, they could eliminate many of the spiritual misconceptions.

Veritas Books: Biblical Insight Into Gods Chosen People Des Griffin


They could transform your life - and make it truly meaningful! But you - the reader of this book - could well have a problem. Although you may be totally sincere in what you presently believe, you may also be the unknowing victim of a religious belief system that has - perhaps unwittingly - led you astray in some crucial areas of knowledge and understanding. The possibility exists that, while being totally sincere in your religious beliefs, you may be wrong in some important areas. Sincerity is no criteria of right or wrong. One can be totally sincere and totally wrong at the same time. It happens all the time! Is it remotely possible that the error you accept as "truth" may be stunting your spiritual growth, causing you numerous other problems? People are prejudiced both for and against a philosophy, a religion, a belief system, a race, a person - you name it. ... You can drown the prejudiced person in reason, scream, weep, and beg, but your pleas for fairness and justice will go for naught. "The problem is that our prejudices may lie lurking at the bottom of the subterranean mind, where they slowly ooze up, and color our thinking without our knowing it. ... "

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