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Freemasonry, An Interpretation
(Martin L. Wagner)

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It is high time that earnest believers in Christ and His Word should seriously study and understand the fundamental principles of Masonry and kindred organizations. The literature on the subject is voluminous. Anyone who will act, can be informed.

Veritas Books: Freemasonry An Interpretation Martin L. Wagner


The importance of the study of this subject can scarcely be overemphasized. The whole system is a giant evil. We firmly believe that it is the greatest foe that the Church has to contend against. It insidiously undermines and overthrows the very foundations of evangelical Christianity. Its tendency is to make men indifferent to doctrine and hostile to the positive teachings of Revelation, as embodied in the Church's 'creeds and catechisms. In proportion as men understand, accept and assimilate the teachings of the lodge, in that proportion do they become indifferent, if not hostile, to an earnest evangelical Church. Masonry practically puts all the so-called sacred books of the east on an equal with the Bible. This cannot help, but lower the estimate of the Bible. It necessarily robs it of its unique, divine, inspired character. It encourages the dangerous and damaging idea, that the Bible is to be regarded and treated like any other human production. We have long since felt that the secret society system, with Masonry at its head, is responsible in a large measure for the rationalistic negative criticism of the Bible that is threatening ruin to the Church of Christ.

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