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Social Credit? Some Questions Answered

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SOCIAL CREDIT MOVEMENT popularized work of Clifford Hugh Douglas during the XXth century. Frances Hutchinson, the Chair of Social Credit Secretariat, sets out to explain C.H.D’s SOCIAL CREDIT ECONOMICS in the form of answers to a series of questions. “Social credit is a fact of economic life."

Veritas Books: Social Credit Some Questions Answered F.Hutchinson


"Money represents society's credit, presently created as debt to be redeemed through paid employment in the market economy. All economic agents who 'make' money, whether as bankers, commercial interests or wage and salary earners, remain in debt to society and the natural world for the real goods and services supplied to them by right of their possession of money. Money takes the form of the legal endorsement of society's credit. Once this is understood, the next stage is to examine ways in which individuals and groups have sought to retain and regain control over their own work and the intellectual and natural resources inherited from past generations through gaining control over their finances. Freedom from wage and debt slavery is an essential first step to regaining the fundamental conditions of economic democracy.” Frances Hutchinson

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