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Churchill’s War (vol.1) The Struggle for Power

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Churchill’s War, The Struggle for Power, begins with Churchill in disgrace and battling to survive in a hostile political environment. Winston Churchill was a man who destroyed two empires, one of them the enemy’s. This is the conclusion reached by Irving * in Churchill’s War. “When I was born in1938, The British Empire was at its most magnificent extent. By the end of the 1939/45 war, it was becoming extinct” – D. Irving

Veritas Books: Churchills War vol.1 The Struggle for Power D.Irving


rving turned up from the archives tarnished details concealed, disbelieved, or ignored by his predecessors: how Churchill thwarted the only chances that Europe had of peace in 1939 and 1940; how he willingly unleashed a cruel bombing war that killed one million Europeans. We watch him take and retain absolute control of Britain’s brilliant intelligence and code breaking organizations, which reassured him - alone – that Hitler never intended to invade the United Kingdom or bomb London. Irving has re-examined several controversial issues, including Britain’s role in the death and political assassinations of leading figures like Admiral Darlan.

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