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How the Order Controls Education (A.C.Sutton)

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The 1st volume of this series introduced THE ORDER, presented three preliminary hypotheses with examples of the evidence to come. We also asserted that any group that wanted to control the future of American society had first to control education, i.e., the population of the future. This volume outlines the way in which education has been controlled by The Order.
It all began at Yale. In the 1850s, three members of The Order left Yale and made a revolution that changed the face, direction and purpose of American education. It was a rapid, quiet revolution, and eminently successful.

Veritas Books: How the Order Controls Education A.C.Sutton


The revolutionary trio were: ' Timothy Dwight, Prof. Yale Divinity School and then 12th President of Yale University. ' Daniel Coit Gilman, 1st President University of California, and John Hopkins University, 1st President Carnegie Institution. ‘Andrew Dickson White, 1st President Cornell University, and American Historical Association. They were all initiated into The Order within a few years of each other (1849, 1852, and 1853). They set off for Europe to study philosophy at the University of Berlin, monopolized by post-Hegelian philosophy. Notably at Berlin University in 1856 was none other than Wilhelm Wundt, the founder of experimental psychology in Germany and the later source of the dozens of American PhDs who came back from Leipzig, Germany to start the modern American education movement. At the time Germany was dominated by the Hegelian philosophical ferment. There were two groups of these Hegelians. The Right Hegelians, were the roots of Prussian militarism and the spring for the unification of Germany. There were also Left Hegelians, the promoters of scientific socialism. Most famous of these, of course, are Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Heinrich Heine, Max Stirner and Moses Hess. Both groups use Hegelian theory of the State as a start point, i.e., the STATE IS SUPERIOR TO THE INDIVIDUAL. Prussian militarism, Nazism and Marxism have the same philosophic roots.

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