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How THE ORDER Creates War and Revolution (A.C.Sutton)

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The first volume of this series (INTRODUCTION TO THE ORDER) described in broad terms the nature and objectives of The Order.
Our first hypothesis, that the U.S. was ruled by an elite, secret society, was supported by documentary evidence. We also argued in the first volume that the operations of The Order must be seen and explained in terms of the Hegelian dialectic process. Their operations cannot be explained in terms of any other philosophy; therefore The Order cannot be described as “right” or “left,” secular or religious, Marxist or Capitalist. The Order, and its objectives, is all of these and none of these. In Hegelian philosophy the conflict of political “right” or “left,” or thesis and antithesis in Hegelian terms, is essential to the forward movement of history and historical change itself. Conflict between thesis and antithesis brings about a synthesis, i.e., a new historical situation.

Veritas Books: How THE ORDER Creates War and Revolution A.C.Sutton


Our descriptive world history in the West and Marxist countries consists only of description and analysis within a political framework of “right” or “left.” However, there is another frame for historical analysis that has never (so far as we can determine) been utilized, i.e., to use a framework of Hegelian logic, to determine if those elites who control the State use the dialectic process to create a predetermined historical synthesis. Only tantalizing glimpses of any such creative process can be found in modern historical works. The most convincing glimpses are in the late Carroll Quigley’s ‘Tragedy and Hope.” There is no question that the so-called establishment in the U.S. uses “managed conflict.” The practice of “managing” crises to bring about a favourable outcome, that is, favourable to the elite, is freely admitted in the literature of, for example, The Trilateral Commission. Furthermore, there is no question that decisions of war and peace are made by a few in the elite and not by the many in the voting process through a political referendum. This volume explores some major conflict decisions made by the few in The Order and the way in which right-left situations have been deliberately created and then placed in a conflict mode to bring about a synthesis. Finally, we will tie these decisions and operations back to the elite and specifically to The Order.

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