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Economic Democracy

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Written for the most part under the pressure of War conditions, this book is an attempt to disentangle from a mass of superficial features such as Profiteering, and alleged scarcity of commodities, a sufficient portion of the skeleton of the* structure we call Society as will serve to suggest sound reasons for the decay with which it is now attacked; and afterwards to indicate the probable direction of sound and vital reconstruction.

Veritas Books: Economic Democracy C.H.Douglas


There is no more dangerous delusion abroad in the world at this time than that production ‘per se’ is wealth. Production is necessary and desirable just so long as the actual thing produced is a means to something else, which is necessary to humanity, and like everything else the thing produced has to be paid for by effort on the part of someone. So far from the necessity of this country and the World, being an orgy of unlimited production, the first need is for a revision of material necessities, combined with sound scientific efforts, to produce to a program framed to meet the ascertained demands; not artificially stimulated, but individualistic in origin whenever possible.

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