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The Politics of Money, Towards Sustainability and Economic Democracy

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On the whole, classical and radical economists have marginalized the role of money, most particularly the role of credit, in driving the machinery of accumulation and exclusion. Although critiques of capitalism from Marxist, feminist, ecological and many other perspectives abound, “The Politics of Money” is unique in gathering the strengths of these differing critiques into a coherent whole. The authors (Frances Hutchinson, Mary Mellor, Wendy Olsen) have drawn upon their varied expertise in economics and the social sciences to produce the foundations of a new political economy that will enable communities to reconstruct their socio-economic fabric through social and political control of money systems.

Veritas Books: The Politics of Money Towards Sustainability and Economic Democracy


The book opens with a review of the role of money in current society, an overview of the history of money creation and a critique of the main theoretical developments in economic thought. Alternative perspectives on money are then presented through a review of a number of radical perspectives but focusing mainly on the work of Marx, Veblen and the SOCIAL CREDIT PERSPECTIVE of C. H. Douglas and the guild socialists. In the final part of the book contemporary monetary theories and experiments are analyzed within the theoretical and historical perspectives provided in the earlier chapters. The main argument of the book is that it is necessary to understand the crucial role of finance in driving the 'free market' economy if a democratic and sustainable economy is to be achieved.

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