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Pathways to Health – Freda Butlin

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With present day Medicine searching, more than at any other time in history, for exogenous causes and cures to man’s ever increasing ills, it is refreshing to find a work that does much towards helping restore our faith and confidence in the innate wisdom and healing ability of the human person, to overcome most of the problems man is heir to. I emphasise the human person, rather than the body alone, simply to include that power (so often underestimated) of the human mind, as the prime mover in all healing. We witness often the so-called ‘spontaneous remissions’ in chronic illness when we finally decide to take responsibility and control of our lives, our health starts to improve and together with it, our realisation that much can be done to help ourselves, provided we are willing to make some changes. Depending on the severity of the condition, the changes may have to be instigated at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, not only the physical.

If there is one person I know who has earned the right to speak about the marvellous healing power of nature to bring about those changes, it is Freda Butlin. Few practitioners today can lay claim to having the degree of experience and expertise to help suffering humanity as she has. In her very readable style, liberally augmented with some interesting supportive case histories gleaned from a professional career spanning some twenty years, Freda clearly points out what can be achieved by those who are willing to give nature a chance! Underlying her treatise is that fundamental axiom that can always bear repetition viz. “the power that made the body, can heal the body”. There are always answers to be found for those who would genuinely seek. Perhaps the most difficult stumbling block for all of us who have been indoctrinated in the Medical or “disease-treatment model” is that, unless we are willing to take responsibility for ourselves, then true healing and ultimately lasting health is very seldom attained.

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