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Poland A Study in Treachery

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The treachery is that of Churchill and Roosevelt. The story, based on the letters, memoirs and speeches of those who took part, tells how Churchill and Roosevelt surrendered Poland - their ally - to Stalin.

Veritas Books: Poland A Study in Treachery B.Smith


“The reasons for Poland's present tragic situation tend too often to be overlooked or forgotten. Bernard Smith's appreciation of events leading to Poland's enslavement, based as it is on a knowledge and thorough understanding of recent history, has resulted in this booklet in what I hope will prove to be a useful contribution to the literature on my country which now, largely because of those events, suffers under an illegal government and a criminal tyrant. Poland has never lacked friends and sympathisers among the British public as we Poles who are privileged to live in Britain as refugees (not, be it noted, as immigrants) well know. Bernard Smith is one of those friends of my country and this booklet demonstrates that he has more than mere sympathy for the Polish cause, that he has, like my late husband; been able to distinguish between politics and truth.” Irena Anders, wife of Gen. Anders, Commander of the Polish Army-in-exile

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