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A Strategy for Effective Defence of Australia – Brigadier R. T. Eason M.C., E.D.

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Now (1976) that the Australian Labour Party is split into pro-Israel versus “even-handed” groups, and is unanimous in its supercilious rude and ill-informed lectures to other nations on their foreign policies, it might be proper for we Australians to study the world situation. If we are to do this we should adopt Patrick White's advice and stop trying to become the world's “greatest blower of our own trumpet“. We should also cease to let “nationalism” cloud our vision. This “Nationalism" has all the vainglory of breast-beating baboons and precludes any real understanding of what is going on in the world, or, worse still, what is in Australia’s interests.

Many who understand strategy have over the last 25 years stated that the Middle East will always be the world’s danger spot and Australia’s foreign policy and Defence planning should be done with this fact in mind. They also agreed that an Australia-America alliance (ANZUS) was not in the best interests of Australia if ties with Britain, the Commonwealth and parts of Western Europe were weakened. The writer also stated a decade ago that if Britain entered the Common Market under the present Treaty of Rome it would eventually lead to blood-shed in England, and even now there is talk of an army take-over in Britain. The present crisis in Britain is due more to membership in the E.E.C. than any other factor.

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