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Brainwashed for War, Zionist Global War
(Mathias Chang)

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PROPAGANDA WARFARE, MIND CONTROL AND BRAINWASHING are the subject matter of this book. History has shown us how the British retreated from "direct rule" to that of "indirect rule" to maintain her stranglehold on her colonies.

Veritas Books: Brainwashed for War Zionist Global War Mathias Chang


The American people rebelled against the tyranny of King George III and seized power by armed struggle. But the U.S. has forgotten their history and has assumed the role of the British imperialists. She is now the undisputed superpower and sole hyperpower. Such is the power and legacy of British colonial rule and propaganda. I can anticipate the reaction of my readers. Before you criticize me, have you ever asked yourselves the question, why should we be grateful to the colonial powers? And although "independent", nothing much have changed in the former colonies of the British Empire, as we are still trapped in the mental straightjacket left behind by the Brits! We still believe in their lies. Lawful resistance by armed struggle permitted under international law is demonized as terrorism, and the heroic resistance fighters labeled as ''terrorists.'' And we echo uncritically these labels! We are taught from an early age that in such circumstances, the better way is to "negotiate" for freedom. But history has shown that the colonialists were compelled to negotiate only when they realized that armed rebellion would be inevitable and that they would not, in that event, be able to impose "indirect rule." The British therefore brilliantly created the political theatre of the "independence musical." From the earliest times, nations and people have always UNILATERALLY declared their political authority without having the need to seek from another authority for legitimacy, until the creation of "independence" by the British, as an instrument for indirect rule.

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