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In Black and White: Australians All at the Crossroads

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Though more and more Indigenous Australians are realizing their potential, in general Aboriginal Australians remain significantly, in fact radically, disadvantaged on all socio-economic indicators. The real potential and talents of Indigenous Australians continue to be wasted rather than contributing as they could and should to individuals', families', communities' - and Australia's well-being.

Veritas Books: In Black and White Australians All at the Crossroads Essays


This volume of essays is to more widely disseminate established and new Indigenous and non-Indigenous thinkers' diverse, even diametric, perspectives on what needs to be addressed (including some 'elephants in the room') and suggest potent ways forward for building Indigenous success to fix disadvantage. Not all perspectives are easily accessible to all interested in understanding. Some opinions are given disproportionate pace in popular media, including social media (especially if there is a hint of conflict). In many cases balancing opinions are only found in specialized journals and forums, not readily accessible to all Australians. A further problem is that much of what passes for informed debate on Indigenous issues is conducted from entrenched positions, too often proceeding from or degenerating into heresies and hostilities.

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