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Rogue State
(W. Blum)

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W. Blum presents a well-aimed critique of the evils of US global interventionism policy, under the banner of freedom and human rights, leading to barbarous criminal acts, of the world’s “force for peace” acting in the most bellicose form.

Veritas Books: Rogue State W. Blum


This is not a book for one who wishes to maintain any cosy illusions about their own liberty – let alone the liberty of anyone in any country to whose domestic policy the US government takes exception… We find in these pages, meticulously detailed and annotated, all the instances of assassinations, covert and overt destabilizations, election-rigging, sponsorship of terrorism, secret surveillance, brainwashing and provocation that the US has employed to further its burgeoning corporate empire (otherwise known as the “new world order”).

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