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The Palestine Plot
(B. Jensen)

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In July, 1946, Dr. George Kheirallah, stated before the Standing Committee on External Affairs of the Canadian House of Commons that: the Jewish merchants from Stamboul went into the Tartar country, (Caspian district) and Judaized the KHAZAR Tartars.

Veritas Books: The Palestine Plot B. Jensen


Dr. Kheirallah's statement that ancient Semitic lands are at the moment being invaded by non-Semitic Tartar-Asiatics, who have no more valid claim to • Zion' than has e.g., Mr. Emanuel Shinwell to Wentworth Woodhouse, receives support from an article entitled' Zionists Misleading World with Untruths for Palestine Conquest' which appeared in the" New York Herald Tribune," on January 14, 1947.

The result is that when you see thousands and thousands of Polish, Russian and Rumanian Jews, they have neither the Semitic wisdom nor the blood. They are Tartars, and the Arabs to-day are constantly confronted with this Tartar invasion.

One remembers Disraeli's references to • the Jews as a splendidly organized Caucasian race, and there come to mind, also, various descriptions of the peculiar mixture of semi-Asiatic races which inhabited the lands which gave birth to • Stalin, the Georgian-Caucasian, and • Lenin, in whose veins flowed a large admixture of Mongol blood, as well as of many of the lesser lights of the Soviet-Talmudic scheme of things.

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