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The Broken Cross, The Hidden Hand In The Vatican

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This book, is ‘an expose’ by P. Compton of secret forces that, demoniac or man-controlled, took over the government of the Catholic Church, in furtherance of a centuries-old plot that has been fully launched and carried to successful conclusion in our own time.

Veritas Books: The Broken Cross The Hidden Hand In The Vatican


Too few people are unaware that many priests who have adopted the tonsure, or even donned a mitre, are not churchmen who have fallen from grace but infiltrators who have been placed in positions of power to undermine, in the name of progress or ecumenism, much that was orthodox and traditional in the church. P. Compton lays bare many hitherto unknown scientific aspects of the Vatican story, moral, financial, and political. It lists many prelates, some of them of the highest dignity, who have rendered themselves excommunicate by being initiated into secret societies, together with their coded names. It demolishes the myth that was ready to embellish the personality and teaching of 'Good Pope John XXIII': and it details the scandals and enigmas presented by Paul VI - were either of them true Popes? It deals with sources not available elsewhere since they were speedily withdrawn from circulation, never to be reprinted - concerning the sudden death perhaps by poison of Pope JohnPaul I in 1978. There are those who seek assurance in the belief that all will be well under the governance of John-Paul II, though many of his statements are at variance with that hope.


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