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The Inequality Principle
(A. T. Culwick & J. C. Oosthuizen)

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Once again A.T. Culwick, the author of Who Shall Inherit the Earth? with J. C. Oosthuizen probes about amongst the foundations of contemporary ideas and brings to light serious flaws in the social fabric and the instability of the whole structure.

Veritas Books: The Inequality Principle A. T. Culwick J. C. Oosthuizen


Civilized man, who has spent so much time and effort exploring the world around him, is at last coming to realize, that possibly, the most rewarding subject of investigation will prove to be man himself, and that the meaning future generations attach to life, will depend on the results. It is therefore vital, that he maintains conditions conducive to such research; and that, in a nutshell, means safeguarding and improving civilized standards, as we understand them. It follows that the primary duty and responsibility of civilized man is to himself and his own society and it is a gross error to sacrifice civilized societies for the alleged good - and it is only alleged - of primitive peoples. Above all let us distinguish clearly between granting peoples independence - i.e. the right to manage their own affairs - and allowing them to prejudice ours. By no stretch of the imagination can action detrimental to highly developed peoples for the sake of backward ones be conducive to human evolution. All in all, civilized man has reason to be guardedly optimistic. He has cleared away much false belief that impeded progress, and made way for new ideas which he is in process of formulating. He is therefore moving towards a truer appreciation of himself and of his role in Nature, and is thus becoming better able to adapt himself to his environment and modify his environment to suit himself. Those who can do this will survive; those who cannot will disappear from the scene - such is the evolutionary process.

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