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Releasing Reality
(Eric D. Butler)

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"Christianity, Democracy, and Social Credit have at least three things in common; they are all said to have failed, none of them is in the nature of a Plan, and every effort of some of the most powerfully organized forces in the world is directed to the end, not only that they shall never be accepted, but that as few persons as possible shall ever understand their nature."-C. H. Douglas

Veritas Books: Releasing Reality Eric D. Butler


C. H. Douglas devoted considerable attention to stressing that genuine Christianity, Democracy and Social Credit were all concerned with ensuring that individuals had effective control over their own lives and accepted ‘personal’ responsibility for how they used power. Christianity has struggled for nearly two thousand years to free itself from that Talmudic influence which Christ so strongly attacked. Christianity’s alleged failure is that of individuals who failed to grasp the message of real freedom, which Christ brought and to take Christ’s advice.

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