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Elements of Social Credit

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The product consists of a PDF copy of the Elements of Social Credit by Tudor Jones.

Elements of Social Credit by Tudor Jones was originally produced as part of the developmental work of the Social Credit Secretariat.
Great care is necessary in introducing this course of lectures to the public and to students. Social Credit has been the subject of study and propaganda for many years, but was not until January, 1937, the subject of organised exposition, instruction, and examination.
The propagandist aims to achieve the spread of ideas, whether right or wrong, tending to promote some action which he desires. The student tries to gain correct ideas. The word means different things to different people, or different things to the same people at different times. It may mean correspondence with the idea entertained by someone in a position of authority, or an idea which what we call our minds cannot dispel, or an idea which is right in the sense that it leads in execution to the attainment of a desired result. That is what is meant here by a correct idea. The efficiency of the propagandist rests upon the formation of at least some correct ideas (in this sense) : i.e., it is dependent upon at least some study. But this study may best be study of the means of propagating ideas in general, or of a particular idea the spread of which the propagandist desires. He may already be in possession of that idea, and may not need to study to acquire it.
Undoubtedly a wide spread of certain ideas would facilitate the Social Credit propagandist 's labours; but it is questionable whether the spread of these ideas in a sufficiently accurate form can be effected widely enough and quickly enough to assist him very materially. On the other hand, it is probable that in the sense in which knowledge is power, the distribution of as much sound knowledge as possible would increase the individual's power. The emphasis is on the soundness, not upon the possible extent of distribution. The course is planned in accordance with this guiding principle. It is not primarily designed to assist those who have already experienced difficulty in understanding what the words " Social Credit " mean, or the practical proposals of Major Douglas based upon this understanding. The course may be said to be designed primarily to give opportunity for instruction to those able and willing to profit by it.
The course, then, aims at as complete instruction as possible in a limited number of matters concerning Social Credit. All the matters which concern Social Credit have not yet been investigated. It is the youngest of studies, though possibly the most vitally important. It concerns the efficiency of human beings in association (or in society) as measured in terms of human satisfaction.

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