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Whether you are a serious student of history or have just a passing interest in how our society works, none of us can escape the EFFECTS that certain policies have on us all. We often feel helpless as we witness the many contradictions that exist around us, most of which defy common sense and logic.
As Western civilisation enters a new millenium of even more advanced computer chips and untold opportunity, a cloud of growing unease and gloom casts a shadow over the future. A growing army of experts have made giant strides in all sorts of human endeavour. Few corners of our life have escaped technological advancement. Science seems to have an answer to everything with its store of knowledge and discovery. Yet solutions for hunger, starvation, famine, war and human suffering appear to be beyond the reach of our greatest minds.
'Shortage of funds' is one of the most used and abused catch cries in our society. It is easy to be cynical when our leaders cry poor in the face of reality. It is hard to accept that the world can produce an abundance of life-giving food with less effort than ever before, yet still, many people are starving. Why do we suffer poverty amidst plenty?
The answers are either within our reach or they are not. It is difficult for the individual to comprehend why we have not advanced further on these basic issues. We have almost become conditioned to accept that most problems in our community are beyond our control and that we should leave it to the experts to sort out because we lack the power to have any effect.
These notes go back to basics to discover many of the fundamental truths which are the cornerstone of our society but have been overshadowed by a very fragile type of progress. We will discuss how every individual, in association with others, and equipped with trust, belief and fundamental truths, can make a very powerful contribution to the positive advancement of society. We question the inevitability of where society is currently heading and offer the hope that real freedom for the individual can be achieved. Studying the series "Introducing Social Credit" can be your first step in the task of regenerating Australia's traditional values and renewing the social fabric - ensuring a future for all Australians.
With every good wish,
Betty Luks, Adelaide

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