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The Struggle For World Power, Revolution & Counter –Revolution
(G. Knupffer)

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HERE for the first time is a complete revelation of the economic, political and social facts of life, and an effective solution. If you lack interest, you play into enemy hands. The knowledge the reader will obtain from this book can make him free.

Veritas Books: The Struggle For World Power Revolution Counter Revolution G. Knupffer


The knowledge the reader will obtain from this book can make him free. The business of the world is your business. If war comes, or global slavery, you may be killed or enslaved. If the economic system collapses, you may lose all.

The Struggle for World Power answers many questions and shows-

• That Taxes are levied not so much to pay for public services as in order to sustain the political, economic and social system of the money-lenders.

• That "Capitalism" is not the system of private property and free enterprise. It is, like Socialism, its destroyer and that Finance Capitalism actually created Soviet Communism.

• That at present all money in circulation is created out of nothing by book entry and lent by private institutions at interest to the State, Industry, Trade and Agriculture.

• That all State and private business is controlled by finance through debts and money, stock and share manipulation.

• That the rapidly growing public and private debt structure, with inflation and unemployment, must lead to a collapse of the system with Socialism to follow in the form of World Government controlled by the same people.

• That escape from slavery is only possible by rejecting all materialism, whether of the Capitalist or Socialist kind.

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