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How Much are you Making on the War, Daddy?

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It's a balancing act between market development and global and domestic economic interest. The question of whose interests are being served by the growing global reach of the transnational weapons industry is one that should concern all of us.

Veritas Books: How Much are you Making on the War Daddy W.D.Hartung


Every American concerned about whether our national security interests are taking a back seat to the commercial interests of the big weapons-makers and their allies in the Pentagon, the White House, and on Capitol Hill needs to pay close attention to these companies and their governmental benefactors. The Paris Air Show is generally considered to be the world's biggest, glitziest arms bazaar, but that may be changing in an era when America's rapidly escalating military budget accounts for 40 percent or more of global military spending. The real arms bazaar is in George W. Bush's Washington, and it is open for business not for just a week or so every two years like the show at Le Bourget, but full time, day in and day out, fifty-two weeks of the year.

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